The J/80 is easily controlled, forgiving and sea-kindly, but at the same time they are incredibly exciting to sail and race. The advanced composite construction ensures that for their size, these boats are faster, lighter and stronger than their contemporaries, which is why it has become the best selling sportsboat in Europe.

The only sportsboat that is certified for offshore sailing and capable of over 18 knots, yet designed to sail under just the mainsail to cruise with friends and family. In the Netherlands there are active one design fleets in Naarden, with up to 15 boats racing every Wednesday evening, in the south at the Grevelingen meer, as well as in Belgium, in the Kortrijk area. Many more are racing under IRC all around the Benelux at their local clubs.

The J/80 class is competitive, but at the same time extremely friendly. People are happy to encourage, offer advice, and lend a hand. Join the J/80 Class if you are looking for serious yet friendly racing, for the fun of sailing a boat that you can cruise as well as race and to become part of the J Boat family of over 10,000 keelboats worldwide. Then when you are ready to move up, discover that you will get great value at trade in, or a nice high figure on private sale.

For more info see the International J/80 Class Association.